1. Discovery

    Many symbols exist, and in general all shapes have been discovered. Discovery for us means that we change, combine or manipulate shapes to discover new ones. Changing things creates new possibilities in forms and methods to do what hasn't been done before.

    Drawing on paper is the start of an idea and the outlet to begin discovering new designs. To get from a 2d paper drawing to a 3d drawn end result requires insight, knowledge and experience. Drawing on paper can give unimaginably great results but stacking those drawings on top of each other like layers is Yentho Jewelry, the 3d end result.

    We have specialized ourselves in 3d drawing and creating jewelry to make this possible. Years of experience as a goldsmith and 3d designer make it a reality. A 3d printer is a fabulous piece of technology that grants a lot of possibilities. But without the skill to draw an object correctly it is useless. The printer needs information to build something and that is what we can provi


    At Yentho-Jewelry we want to bring you jewelry that is special to you. Something designed and thought of by you to give it that personal feeling. This ofcourse requires input from you as to what this piece should look like, after all it's your design. Designing your own piece of jewelry may sound difficult but it's not as hard as you may think. Besides the ideas you have we will help you with what it will look like in the end. You know what you want, and we know if this is possible. But let's start at the beginning.


    It all starts with the concept in your mind. Ofcourse we do not know what your concept is so this will be the first step, provide us with information. A drawing of what you want is the best way to start. This doesn't have to be a professional drawing and it could even exist of seperate ideas, but for us seeing this will give us an idea of what you want. Besides a drawing and general information of the idea, yo

  3. Welcome to Yentho Jewelry, who are we?

    When I was very young I discovered my passion for jewelry, developing and designing. I graduated my education for goldsmith, juweller, watchmaker and the HRD-Institute of Gemmology for diamonds. After working for four years in Switzerland I started my own company.

    New technologies arose and I saw the new possibilities with 3d designing and printing. From that moment on I focused heavily on getting the skills to design in 3d programs. Convinced that the future lies within this technology I started experimenting more and more with new programs and new designs to create truly unique jewelry pieces that show emotion, style, class and timeless durability.

    My inspiration for designs comes from many things like architecture, mathematics and everyday objects. Analyzing an object further than just the directly visible can inspire to become something very different. Combining different kinds of shapes or just changing one into something new, it almost always gives an i