Welcome to Yentho Jewelry, who are we?

When I was very young I discovered my passion for jewelry, developing and designing. I graduated my education for goldsmith, juweller, watchmaker and the HRD-Institute of Gemmology for diamonds. After working for four years in Switzerland I started my own company.

New technologies arose and I saw the new possibilities with 3d designing and printing. From that moment on I focused heavily on getting the skills to design in 3d programs. Convinced that the future lies within this technology I started experimenting more and more with new programs and new designs to create truly unique jewelry pieces that show emotion, style, class and timeless durability.

My inspiration for designs comes from many things like architecture, mathematics and everyday objects. Analyzing an object further than just the directly visible can inspire to become something very different. Combining different kinds of shapes or just changing one into something new, it almost always gives an interesting result that you can work with. This motivates me to always look further and create new things.

My goal is to create jewelry that someone can be proud of, for designing it themselves or just showing to the world what they love. Personal feelings are very important when it comes to jewelry and it's what I want to help create.