Many symbols exist, and in general all shapes have been discovered. Discovery for us means that we change, combine or manipulate shapes to discover new ones. Changing things creates new possibilities in forms and methods to do what hasn't been done before.

Drawing on paper is the start of an idea and the outlet to begin discovering new designs. To get from a 2d paper drawing to a 3d drawn end result requires insight, knowledge and experience. Drawing on paper can give unimaginably great results but stacking those drawings on top of each other like layers is Yentho Jewelry, the 3d end result.

We have specialized ourselves in 3d drawing and creating jewelry to make this possible. Years of experience as a goldsmith and 3d designer make it a reality. A 3d printer is a fabulous piece of technology that grants a lot of possibilities. But without the skill to draw an object correctly it is useless. The printer needs information to build something and that is what we can provide. This is where we live for. Transforming imagination and ideas into a real object is what drives us. It could be simple or complex, what matters is that we can make your inspiration and dreams come true through your own piece of jewelry.