Designed by your kid “Every drawing is unique”

Drawings created by kids symbolize the essence of childhood and is a building stone of the children’s creativity. Love is the best way to support that. At Yentho we are transforming this drawing to a precious memories.

We are working passionately for the perfect keep sakes of children’s creativity. We turn the children’s drawings into fine jewelry, translating the doodles into small pendants made of silver or gold. These endearing pieces showcase the timeless imagination and creativity of children. Although bittersweet, parents can now wear these prized artworks around their necks or on their wrists and have a permanent memory of this special time.

Do you want to know how your child’s drawing looks as a piece of jewelry? Mail ons the drawing of your child and we’ll show you how it will look as a piece of jewelry. “Our application solutions and our techniques are also unique.”